I’m Worried About Mom, February 6, 2014 7pm at Ridgewood Public Library

Light of Gray

“I’m Worried About Mom; Turning Worry into Meaningful Action”

Tracey Lawrence, elder care expert

No one likes to think about sad, difficult topics, especially when they have to do with people we love. But change is inevitable, and planning can make life easier for everyone. The key is starting a family conversation when everyone in the family is able to participate. Waiting until family members begin showing signs of decline is not the best strategy.

Covered in this seminar will be ideas for getting families organized and able to discuss the difficult subjects; who needs to be involved? What questions do you need to address? What requires immediate action and what can wait? Do we need to use professional services? We will look at care choices, insurance options and documentation every family should have in place.

Ridgewood Public Library is located at 125 N. Maple Ave, Ridgewood, NJ.


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About traceysl

Author of the groundbreaking book "Dementia Sucks", Post Hill Press, May, 2018. Having cared for my father, who died in 2004, and my mother, who died on April 14, 2015 after a long fight with dementia, I have refocused professionally to helping others through my experience. My company, Grand Family Planning, provides Family Coaching / Support Services. I am also a professional speaker, offering programs for staying healthy and productive while caring for others. In this way, I share my knowledge and give meaning to the tragic turn of my parents' journey through the misery of dementia.
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